nurses return to work

Top tips for Nurses returning to Work

It isn’t unusual for nurses to take a career detour these days. Actually, it seems to be becoming more of the norm as medical professionals move to experience other environments or to decide whether their chosen field is really the one for them. In some instances individuals take time off to tend to a sick loved one or to start a family. This isn’t a negative and can assist in the development of nurses returning to work. As a nurse however, there are some things you need to do when you want to return to work, and there are ways you can […]

Scrapping Nurses’ Bursaries: A Potential Recruitment Crisis

Last month’s Autumn Statement and Spending Review saw Chancellor George Osborne announce that the government was scrapping nurse training bursaries – a move that was met with widespread criticism from the nursing community. A survey by Unison found that nine in ten nurses wouldn’t have chosen to enter the profession without access to the bursaries. What does this mean for those seeking nursing and hospital jobs? Anyone now hoping to train as a nurse in order to find nursing and hospital jobs will need to take out up to three loans – one for their tuition fees, one for their living costs, and a third to pay […]