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Dealing with a Patient who has a Medical Background

As I am writing this, as a nurse, I am imagining how I myself would be as a patient – a patient who has a medical background and robust medical experience. Medical professionals are not invincible. People have this silly notion that we are infallible, resilient bastions of health who do not fall victim to illnesses and diseases. But alas! We too are human. We are the patient who wants to be in control, someone who instead of consulting with the healthcare team deliberates with them his diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. Tough, not only for the nurse and nurse/doctor-patient but to […]
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5 Ways to Make Your Patients Smile

Nurses have to don many different hats as they work with so many different groups in their day – patient’s families, patients, hospital administration, nursing home managers and colleagues, and so the list goes on. Patients can be difficult to handle if they are struggling through ill health, being put through procedures or therapy, and dealing with the anxiety surrounding their situation. Making a patient feel good and putting them at ease is of utmost importance and studies show that happy patients tend to heal and recover faster. This doesn’t mean you have to act like a clown, but spreading […]