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5 Things to Expect on Your First Day Agency Nursing

Congratulations! You have been accepted as an agency nurse and have recently been given your first shift. Although you have years of experience under your belt, carrying out your first day agency nursing can still be unnerving. Besides the layout of your new workplace, your new colleagues’ expectations, what other things do you have to contend with on your first day agency nursing: You are expected to perform like a nurse employed by the client As an agency nurse, even on you first day agency nursing, you are expected to execute the same duties as a nurse employed at the unit […]
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How to Survive Your First Day of Agency Nursing

Even if you are a seasoned nurse, doing your first agency shift can still be daunting. Adjusting to a new working environment and working with a new healthcare team in a new routine can be overwhelming. This is especially true when as an agency nurse you are expected to perform the same duties as a facility nurse would, in a competent and timely manner with little or no orientation. Here are a few tips to help you successfully get through your first day of agency nursing: Be prepared The day before your shift, get everything you need ready. Iron and […]
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The Top 5 Benefits of Being an Agency Nurse

Are you considering joining a nursing agency but not sure whether it would be beneficial? Being part of a nursing agency may not have been popular in the past, given the temporary status of hospital and nursing home jobs it provided; but nurses, hospitals and nursing homes alike are now increasingly considering the concept for recruitment and job purposes. While the employers get a chance to size up a temporary nurse before offering them a permanent job, the nurses working for nursing agencies can gain from the following benefits: Good Compensation Generally nursing agencies pay well, but your pay is […]