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Reducing Patient Anxiety

Reducing Patient Anxiety

Nurses deal daily with patients and families who are nervous, afraid and apprehensive due to a diagnosis, prognosis or mode of treatment. Moreover, being admitted, having surgery or being diagnosed with a life threatening disease can be a terrifying experience. Reducing patient anxiety is a nurses duty. Patient anxiety manifests in various forms such as anger, sarcasm, withdrawal and dismissive behaviour which can create conflict in the care environment. However, how you handle these emotions as a nurse can have a huge impact on your patient’s experience and the resolution of problems raised. Here is some advice on reducing patient anxiety: Create rapport […]
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5 Ways to Make Your Patients Smile

Nurses have to don many different hats as they work with so many different groups in their day – patient’s families, patients, hospital administration, nursing home managers and colleagues, and so the list goes on. Patients can be difficult to handle if they are struggling through ill health, being put through procedures or therapy, and dealing with the anxiety surrounding their situation. Making a patient feel good and putting them at ease is of utmost importance and studies show that happy patients tend to heal and recover faster. This doesn’t mean you have to act like a clown, but spreading […]