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How to Adjust to Working in a Multi-Cultural Nursing Environment

As a nurse, working abroad can be quite intimidating. It’s not a question of your competence when it comes to nursing skills and knowledge because nursing fundamentals are one and the same no matter which country you are in. Rather it is the idea of working across cultures and in a foreign environment that makes you feel like a fish out of water. A lot of questions go through one’s mind from the crucial ones like: “Will my patients and colleagues understand me with my accent? What are their policies and procedures when it comes to nursing care? How different […]
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The Potential Impact of Brexit on EU Nurses Working in the UK

Back in June, Britain decided to part ways with the EU and since then, things like we know them have changed considerably. Brexit took its toll on the political, cultural, and social spectrums of the country and the rift it created has been felt by almost everything – including the healthcare, nursing and the NHS. With their future uncertain, many EU nurses are applying for permanent residency in the UK, however this turned out to be one of the most controversial negotiation terms in the aftermath of UK’s withdrawal from the EU. The NHS can simply NOT work without nurses […]