5 promises

we promise client service

We promise Service

With any kind of business dealings there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re just another client. Being passed from pillar to post, waiting around for someone to get in touch with you and never knowing whether you’re first or last in the line. It is our mission to change all that by promising a real delivery of service to our clients. This means someone dedicated to providing you with the service you need from the minute you get in touch with us. So, from the word go, you will have: Only one number to call to speak to us – […]
inivo is a ethical nursing recruitment agency

We promise Ethical Employment

When you seek to employ the best, it’s only right that, once you recruit them, they should be fairly compensated for the high levels of skills and expertise that they bring. At Inivo, we take our responsibility as an employer seriously and as such, we offer a fair rate of pay that goes above the national minimum wage. The wages that we pay our locums are also considerably higher than most other agencies and shows just a part of our efforts to reward them for their solid commitment and the hard work that they do, often at the last minute. […]
compliant nursing recruitment agency

We promise Compliance

Compliance in healthcare is more important and complex than ever. Because of this you need a recruitment partner you can rely on. At Inivo we take pride in maintaining the highest standards, which means continual audits and staying right on top of industry updates to ensure the staff you get are the very highest calibre. It’s because of these high standards and attention to detail that Inivo was rewarded with a 100% pass in a recent major independent business and compliance audit. This audit is acknowledged and accepted by many national organisations such as BUPA, Care UK, Shaw Healthcare & […]
Offering the very best nursing locums

We promise the Best Locums

All too often these days businesses looking for staff support are expected to accept poor standards and bad service. But why settle for what you can get when you can go for the best? At Inivo, we recruit and manage hundreds of nurse locums, healthcare assistants and support workers, focusing on high calibre individuals, excellent standards of training and full compliance. We adopt a stringent process to find the best available locums to provide valuable assistance within all areas of nursing, care and support. Our process includes telephone screening, face to face interviews, competency skills testing and training. These high […]

We promise Dedication

Something that is reassuring to know when you have a specialist nurse recruitment agency on board, is that you can rely on them to provide you with the locums that you need, right when you need them. Being short on staff makes things especially difficult for the team already in place as well as affecting the well-being of those in your care. So, when things go wrong (as they often do in life), it’s good to know that there’s a quick, easy and reliable solution. We understand that the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children is your number one priority. […]