Nurse Whistleblowing Guidelines

Nurse Whistleblowing Guidelines

Nurse Whistleblowing Guidelines

Nurse Whistleblowing Guidelines

If you ever suspect or see a nurse colleague make a grievous mistake whilst on shift, it is your duty as a nurse to report him or her through whistleblowing. But where do you start? The process is daunting and made more stressful with the thought of exposing your colleague or employer. Nonetheless, as nurses, we have sworn an oath to protect our patients so being silent is really not an option. It is our duty to advocate our patient’s rights especially when they have been aggrieved. Here are some nurse whistleblowing guidelines to best guide you through this process.


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Whistleblowing Process

Make sure that your colleague’s offence falls under the whistleblowing criteria specified by the Nursing and Midwifery Council or your employer. Double check with the NMC on their website or in your employee handbook. Sometimes whistleblowing can be mistaken for a grievance.

For nurses in the employ of Inivo, our whistleblowing policy and process is clearly set out in our employee handbook which you are provided with at interview. We have guidelines, support and a hotline to support the process.

Check your company’s whistleblowing policy not only for guidance with the process but also for support. Remember that each company has different policies and procedures.

File an incident report or consequently, call your company’s whistleblowing hotline if there is one. In some cases, you may also raise your concern with the NMC directly via their e-mail [email protected] or through their fitness to practice process


Whistleblowing Policy Guidelines

According to the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, a whistleblowing policy should include the following:

  • Clarification on ‘gagging clauses’ in settlement agreements which should not stop nurses from making disclosures in the interest of the public.
  • An idea about what feedback a whistleblower might receive.
  • An explanation that anonymous whistleblowers will not be able to receive feedback and that any action taken to look into a disclosure could be limited – anonymous whistleblowers may seek feedback through a telephone appointment or by using an anonymous email address.
  • An emphasis in the whistleblowing policy that victimisation of a whistleblower is not acceptable and that victimisation will be taken seriously and managed appropriately.
  • An idea of the time frame for handling any disclosures raised.
  • Clarification that the whistleblower does not need to provide evidence for the employer to look into the concerns raised.


Unfair Treatment due to Whistleblowing

In the event that you file a report which is not anonymous, and feel that you are being dealt with unfairly for whistleblowing, you may seek support and advice at an employment tribunal. For more information on the conciliation and arbitration process, you can visit the website of Advisory, Conciliation, and ArbitrationService (ACAS)

Nurse Whistleblowing Guidelines

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