The Nurse Supervisor: Staff Empathy

The Nurse Supervisor: Staff Empathy

The Nurse Supervisor

The Nurse Supervisor

Empathy in the workplace is crucial not only to our patients, but to our colleagues and staff too. Being able to “put one’s self in another person’s shoes” is an integral part of nursing leadership and being a nurse supervisor. This is especially important because as nurses, we work as a team. You must be able to demonstrate understanding and convey support to your subordinates as a Nurse Supervisor. Remember that we are all human beings who deal with challenges and obstacles in our lives.

These key factors will support you in supporting and conveying empathy to your team, and still being a great leader:

Develop Your Communication Skills

One of the most crucial aspects of being an empathic nurse supervisor is having the ability to listen to your staff. Pay attention, especially to the hidden information conveyed in a nurse’s voice, eyes, and body language. Do not interrupt staff, dismiss issues as trivial, or patronise them. When a member of your team has approached you to discuss something this should be deemed important.

Show Interest in your Team

Being a nurse is a tough and demanding job, yet we must remember that we work with human beings in this strenuous environment. Taking time to show interest in your team and their lives will only aid in bonding the team further. It is central to the growth of your individual team members that you get to know who they are so you can mentor them effectively. Find out what motivates and demotivates them. Know their likes, dislikes, challenges, and aspirations.

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Be a Present Nurse Supervisor

Much of the job of a Nurse Supervisor happens behind closed doors. Junior nurses often don’t get to see their nurse superiors unless there are meetings called. This creates a gap that may be detrimental to your working environment. Regularly make a point of coming out of your office to interact and engage with the nursing staff, and maybe lend a hand. This is an opportunity for you to recognise and address the difficulties staff face and get to know your team. This action will send a message that you are part of the team, understanding of their difficulties, respect them as nurses and are there to support them.


Delegation of tasks helps manage time and conveys a sense of trust in your team. You prove that you are confident in them to handle responsibilities, and set priorities when it comes to patient care.

Being empathetic to the needs of your nursing team will help build rapport and an environment of trust. This allows for better communication which is helpful when it comes to feedback and problem solving. If you show them that you care, your team will respect and support you in return as their Nurse Supervisor.

The Nurse Supervisor

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