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Skype Interviews – The Do’s & Don’ts

Interview technology is on the rise in nursing and in the past year 82% of hiring managers have used Skype and 6% a pre-recorded platform, according to a survey by Right Management.* You may be familiar with using Skype or Face Time to keep in touch with family and friends, but with more and more nurse employers using video as well as face-to-face interviewing, how do you make sure you come across well on camera? Here are our top Skype interview tips for nurses: Preparation – as with any interview, preparation is at the heart of success or failure. You’re […]
Phone interview tips for nurses

Telephone Interviews for Nurses – Do’s & Don’ts

Your CV has got you through the screening process; the next stage is a telephone interview, and you may need to be available at a moment’s notice for some London nursing jobs or agencies, so being prepared is vital. Here are our top tips to successful telephone interviews. Remember you are likely to be interviewed by a nursing peer of equal or higher band. Before the call, confirm all the details, including the date and time, and the name of the hiring manager that you will be talking to. Be sure you know whether they will be calling you or […]
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Lots of nursing experience, my CV is too long

Most nursing agencies and nurse hiring managers are inundated with healthcare CV’s and the first stage of their recruitment process is likely to be a quick skim through the CV pile and eliminate nurses whose qualifications don’t match the role – rarely do they read past the first page, whether the roles are for hospital jobs or care home jobs. The job of your CV is to get you noticed and the advice is always to keep it to two pages, but if you have a long career history, lots of medical experience and qualifications, your CV is likely to […]

Tailor your CV for a new nursing job

Whilst there is a real shortage of nurses, the job market for nurse auxiliary jobs in London and the Southeast will always remain competitive, so it’s important that your CV stands out from the competition. As a nurse, evidence of your qualifications are essential alongside your experience on the wards or nursing homes, but before you can show off your clinical proficiency in a healthcare environment, you have to make it through the HR process first. The following tips will help your CV stand out from the crowd. Show off your achievements Nurses often dwell on sterile descriptions of responsibilities, but it’s also important to brag […]

How to succeed in your next nurse interview

Top Nurse Interview Responses Looking to ‘get the job’ in your next nurse interview? Then this will mean you need to perform in a challenging job interview with difficult questions. The questions are not always entirely predictable, but they do have a tendency to follow the same structure and format so preparation is key. That’s especially true when it comes to describing some of the senario’s that nurse’s experience on a daily basis. When you’re hunting for a new job, practicing your answers to frequent questions should be an essential part of your pre-interview routine. Be prepared to dazzle the interviewer with your clinical knowledge and […]
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Interview Techniques for Nurses

Interviewing is an art and science, so you’ll want to be prepared with a few tried and tested strategies next time you’re invited to meet with a nurse manager or nursing recruitment agency. Here are five tips to help you succeed at your next interview. Research the nurse agency or healthcare organisation Preparation and research will demonstrate to the nursing recruitment agency or employer that you’re serious about the role you’re applying for. Also, it will give you the chance to consider and prepare your response when you’re asked why you want to work for the company. Memorising some interesting facts about the organisation […]

Key considerations choosing a nurse recruitment agency

The wide variety of agency nursing opportunities available can be quite overwhelming and if you are a nurse this can make the process of choosing a nurse recruitment agency a confusing process. Choosing which nurse recruitment agency to work for is simple if you are armed with the right information and questions. Consider the following elements, and you’ll hopefully find that you can make the right decision for you. 1. Rates of pay Agencies have a tendency to quote the highest rates available, what is paid on Christmas day may not reflect the rest of the year, so check with […]

Scrapping Nurses’ Bursaries: A Potential Recruitment Crisis

Last month’s Autumn Statement and Spending Review saw Chancellor George Osborne announce that the government was scrapping nurse training bursaries – a move that was met with widespread criticism from the nursing community. A survey by Unison found that nine in ten nurses wouldn’t have chosen to enter the profession without access to the bursaries. What does this mean for those seeking nursing and hospital jobs? Anyone now hoping to train as a nurse in order to find nursing and hospital jobs will need to take out up to three loans – one for their tuition fees, one for their living costs, and a third to pay […]

Press Release: Inivo Delivers Verdict on NHS Agency Spending Caps

One of the London’s foremost providers of temporary nursing staff has delivered its verdict on the brand new spending cap for NHS agency staff, which came into force on 23rd November. Inivo is a renowned supplier of nurses, healthcare assistants and support workers to a variety of organisations in London and the south east – the team believe the new cap will help to level the playing field for nursing agencies all over the country. The spending cap is currently being phased in, with the full system to be in place by April 2016. This overhaul will mean that NHS […]