Healthy Nurse

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle: Be a Healthy Nurse

It is not a secret in the care profession that nurses often don’t have the best lifestyle choices and practices. It’s difficult to be a healthy nurse! Our job demands dedication and makes it hard for us to drink when we’re thirsty, eat regularly and even go to the toilet when we need to. The erratic schedules and shifts from day to night adjusts our body clocks. We develop different coping mechanisms to deal with the psychological and physical stress. These mechanisms often include relying on energy drinks or coffee, smoking or in extreme circumstances, even drug use. Things often get […]
Nursing shifts

Choose the Best Nursing Shifts

Being able to do agency work and take on extra nursing shifts is great. Earning extra money to add to your savings or put towards your next holiday is always a bonus. With the recent nursing shortages across the country, agency nurses are high in demand. However, as an agency nurse you aren’t always able to accept every nursing shift offered to you, and you shouldn’t. You need to choose the right nursing shifts for you dependent on specific criteria. Here are some of the main points to consider when offered your nursing shifts: Location As an agency nurse there is a potential that […]
Client Promises

Inivo’s 5 Client Promises

Inivo has developed 5 simple Client Promises that our team embrace in order to deliver the best possible service. These Promises communicate our core values and dual as a service level agreement between our consultants and our clients’ services and projects.   1. We Promise Service One number – 24 hours a day – 03300 500 200 24 hours service – speak to us at any time 30 minute call back – we will always let you know the progress of a booking request within 30 minutes   2. We Promise Dedication & Locality With centralised operations, we offer consistent […]
Maximise your Nursing Union Membership

Maximise your Nurse Union Membership

There are many benefits to having trade union or nurse union membership. Nursing students often hear mentors talk about nurse union membership and even at an early stage in their career, are encouraged to join one. Being a part of a nursing union however, is not all about making a statement to your employers, colleagues or patients. It is a necessity and a crucial aspect of nurses protecting themselves as it identifies you as a serious professional who is committed to staying informed, educated and involved in what could possibly shape the future of nursing. Here are ways in which to maximise your nurse […]
patient who has a medical background

Dealing with a Patient who has a Medical Background

As I am writing this, as a nurse, I am imagining how I myself would be as a patient – a patient who has a medical background and robust medical experience. Medical professionals are not invincible. People have this silly notion that we are infallible, resilient bastions of health who do not fall victim to illnesses and diseases. But alas! We too are human. We are the patient who wants to be in control, someone who instead of consulting with the healthcare team deliberates with them his diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. Tough, not only for the nurse and nurse/doctor-patient but to […]
nurses return to work

Top tips for Nurses returning to Work

It isn’t unusual for nurses to take a career detour these days. Actually, it seems to be becoming more of the norm as medical professionals move to experience other environments or to decide whether their chosen field is really the one for them. In some instances individuals take time off to tend to a sick loved one or to start a family. This isn’t a negative and can assist in the development of nurses returning to work. As a nurse however, there are some things you need to do when you want to return to work, and there are ways you can […]
Reducing Patient Anxiety

Reducing Patient Anxiety

Nurses deal daily with patients and families who are nervous, afraid and apprehensive due to a diagnosis, prognosis or mode of treatment. Moreover, being admitted, having surgery or being diagnosed with a life threatening disease can be a terrifying experience. Reducing patient anxiety is a nurses duty. Patient anxiety manifests in various forms such as anger, sarcasm, withdrawal and dismissive behaviour which can create conflict in the care environment. However, how you handle these emotions as a nurse can have a huge impact on your patient’s experience and the resolution of problems raised. Here is some advice on reducing patient anxiety: Create rapport […]
Agency Nurse expectations

5 Things to Expect on Your First Day Agency Nursing

Congratulations! You have been accepted as an agency nurse and have recently been given your first shift. Although you have years of experience under your belt, carrying out your first day agency nursing can still be unnerving. Besides the layout of your new workplace, your new colleagues’ expectations, what other things do you have to contend with on your first day agency nursing: You are expected to perform like a nurse employed by the client As an agency nurse, even on you first day agency nursing, you are expected to execute the same duties as a nurse employed at the unit […]
agency nursing

How to Survive Your First Day of Agency Nursing

Even if you are a seasoned nurse, doing your first agency shift can still be daunting. Adjusting to a new working environment and working with a new healthcare team in a new routine can be overwhelming. This is especially true when as an agency nurse you are expected to perform the same duties as a facility nurse would, in a competent and timely manner with little or no orientation. Here are a few tips to help you successfully get through your first day of agency nursing: Be prepared The day before your shift, get everything you need ready. Iron and […]
nurse jobs in middle east

Is the Middle East no longer a Haven for Nursing Jobs?

The Middle East is considered a global haven for certain professions, such as nursing and professionals working in primary or secondary healthcare. Nurses and other healthcare professionals trained in the UK, USA, Canada, and from other countries across the globe are highly demanded in Middle Eastern healthcare institutes. Many overseas recruitment agencies help these organisations to outsource their hiring process and attract high-calibre, professionally trained, and competitive nurses for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutes. Nursing and paramedic professionals move to the Middle Eastern states to enhance their career as well as take advantage of the many benefits offered to make […]