How Nurses Can Humanise Patient Care

Research shows that one in three nurses is unable to relieve patients of their pain, adhere to timelines required to administer medication or talk to patients’ families. Such issues can be attributed to nurses’ schedules. Nurses are often too busy to do every task required of them during their shifts. The patient to nurse ratio is usually unfavourable which causes nurses to experience severe burn out interludes or to neglect patients altogether. The situation is so dire that some patients are often left to die alone without a nurse present. Technological advances can also blur dimensions of human care.   […]
communicating effectively with doctors

Communicating Effectively with Doctors – Top Tips

In hospitals, there seems to be an unspoken hierarchy where doctors reign supreme. It may be understandable for some since they make the diagnosis and treatments. However, some nurses find this social ladder quite intimidating making communicating effectively with doctors a frustrating task.   According to a study published by Christine Jones, et al. in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, a lack of communication between hospital physicians and primary care providers leads to a higher risk of readmission. Therefore, if we are to deliver the best care to our patients we should seek ways in which we can improve […]
The Nurse Supervisor

The Nurse Supervisor: Leading and Managing

Leadership and management are two distinct concepts. Ideally, managers plan, budget, organise staff, measure performance and solve problems. This is to ensure that an organisation functions effectively and achieves targets. Leadership is all about inspiring and motivating others. The Nurse Supervisor is required to be both these things and more: Be Committed Nurses are born persevering, but ongoing stress and obstacles will from time to time challenge enthusiasm and dedication. The true measure of a person’s commitment is the desire to come to work even when the situation is dire. When staff witness their leaders enthusiasm and motivation, general team […]
Nursing Time Management

Nursing Time Management – Top Tips

Being a nurse is a rewarding job, however it often comes with a frantic schedule. More experienced nurses will have become better at managing their time more efficiently. For new nurses, nursing time management is a skill that needs to be worked at. Here are a few tips to help you manage your time more effectively: Always Arrive Early It’s expected that you arrive on time for a shift, but it is even better to arrive 10 or 15 minutes earlier. This will allow ultimate nursing time management. Giving you the time to read through notes and organise yourself before […]
The Nurse Supervisor

The Nurse Supervisor: Staff Empathy

Empathy in the workplace is crucial not only to our patients, but to our colleagues and staff too. Being able to “put one’s self in another person’s shoes” is an integral part of nursing leadership and being a nurse supervisor. This is especially important because as nurses, we work as a team. You must be able to demonstrate understanding and convey support to your subordinates as a Nurse Supervisor. Remember that we are all human beings who deal with challenges and obstacles in our lives. These key factors will support you in supporting and conveying empathy to your team, and still […]
Male Nurse

Being a Male Nurse in a female dominated environment

Nursing has historically been perceived to be a female dominated profession and today, this is still the general case. However nursing is a profession pursued by both female and males equally. Nevertheless, male nurses still lack the recognition they deserve due to this perception. The NMC reported last year that male registered nurse levels remain incredibly low at just 11.4%, so the number of men in the profession is not increasing. Here are a few tips to ensure you receive the respect you deserve as a male nurse: Be Observant Pay close attention to your behaviour, the behaviour of your […]
Nurse Bullying

Nurse Bullying in the UK

Bullying does not only occur among children and teenagers. Bullying in the workplace, especially nurse bullying in the UK, is actually real. Targeting and bullying among nurses has even given rise to the expression “nurses eat their young”. A Few Nurse Bulling Statistics 85% of nurses have experienced some kind of verbal abuse from their colleagues. Those more likely to suffer nurse bullying includes those who have received a promotion or special attention. It has been identified that nurse bullying usually happens between a senior nurse and her subordinate. What is supposed to be a mentoring relationship becomes a tormented […]
Cultural Competence in Nursing

Building Cultural Competence in Nursing

The world is a much smaller place than it was a decade or so ago as a result of globalisation. We have become exposed to different kinds of food and drink as well as cultures. Exposure however does not automatically lead to a deeper understanding of our diversity as people. As nurses, it is our duty to be more aware. We should provide care based on knowledge, communication skills and cultural competence in nursing. We cannot be indifferent to other cultures if we are to provide satisfactory patient care.   Tips on Building Cultural Competence in Nursing:   Immerse Yourself […]
Nursing Bedside Manners

Improve your Nursing Bedside Manners

It isn’t unusual to discover that some nurses lack nursing bedside manners, but can this set of skills be taught or learned? Nursing bedside manners are an essential trait to have, for a nurse. Your manner will help you to establish rapport with your patient and also help you deliver empathetic care. By developing your nursing bedside manner you can transform and improve your nurse-patient relationships. Lets discuss what is often promoted by the NMC and RCN as ‘person centred care’ and ‘what makes a good nurse‘.   Nursing Bedside Manners   Be Observant and Always Ensure your Patient’s Privacy Much […]
Nursing Degree

Benefits of Earning a Nursing Degree

There are hundreds of careers to choose from, but there is only a few that focus entirely on the well being of others. A career in nursing secured with a nursing degree will cement your healthcare focus. In the nursing industry, there are many different rewarding career paths you can choose from and in this industry. There is no shortage of opportunities for rewarding and meaningful employment for qualified carers. Among the different healthcare careers, nursing is one of the most versatile. Most nurses would say that no day is ever the same, enabling constant learning and progression. A nursing […]